Via Edetana Negre 2014


Rich blend of the top three red grapes in the region.

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Mediterranean premium wine in which the Downy Grenache (Garntaxa Peluda) is from very old vines displays fruit and unique personality, Garnatxa Fina grants finesse and elegance, while Carignan offers complexity and spices.

The three varieties from vines some over 60 years old, are harvested at the best ripeness of fruit, skins and seeds. They undergo separate winemaking until a final assemblage. Strict and meticulous selection of grapes on the vines. Manual harvesting in 15 kg boxes. Grapes maintained at 0ºC during processing. Manual table selection. Soft destemming and vinification plot by plot in 500 litres oak barrels. Controlled fermentation process at a constant temperature of 25ºC. Manual “Pigéage” for a very controlled extraction. Fermentation and maceration with skins for 20-30 days. Each wine is then aged separately for around 12 months in 500 litre oak barrels.

Tasting Notes
Purple coloured, shows balsamic flavour and rich spice aromas, together with red currants, cherry, and mineral structure. Medium to full bodied on the palate with an excellent depth of flavour, and nicely integrated oak. The balanced ripe tannins and acidity grant structure and freshness to a wine with a very long life to come.

Food Pairing
Red meats and hunting, it can also be paring with cured cheese. Mushrooms, chocolate.


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