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Meet our producers

Our producers are typically small family businesses with a binding commitment to the place they grow their grapes and make their wines. Most of the wines we stock are produced in less than 10,000 bottle quantities, providing a unique insight in to the world our producers inhabit.

All our producers are very sensitive to issues like sustainability and the issues of climate change. For them there is no realistic option to up sticks and move elsewhere. Many are certified organic, with many others in the process of conversion. All choose to work their own vineyards, knowing that the best wine is made from carefully nurtured grapes.

Wineries are typically small scale, some even in a single garage. The industrial processes used by “big wine” are wholly absent here. Natural ferments are becoming more common, and wines are arriving on the shelf with less and less “messing about”.

We hope you enjoy meeting them.

celler alimara
Celler Alimara
barrel room
Celler Piñol
Celler Serra Major
Celler Serra Major
Celler Carles Andreu
Celler Carles Andreu
giro del gorner
Giro Del Gorner
L'Olivera vineyards

Finca Viladellops
Finca Viladellops
mas comtal bougainvilla
Mas Comtal