Finca Viladellops

Finca Viladellops is a leading producer of Xarel.lo and Grenache wines in the Garraf mountains of Penedes.

Finca Viladellops

The first written references to making wines to sell on the Finca Viladellops date back to the end of the 19th century, specifically to 1877, and production continued without interruption until 1980. Activity started up again in 1999, coinciding with the incorporation of the current generation of the Desvalls family into a new, quality, 100% Mediterranean wine-making project. 

For current owner Marcelo Desvalls, Finca Viladellops has always been a sentimental project. He was born near the vineyards, and his childhood was linked to the land. He hopes to leave a legacy and pass it on to the next generation. From the beginning, he has passionately sought to respect the land and sustainability and, along with his team, he has tried to make quality wines that express the magic of the Garraf Massif , a mountainous region that extends all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

The property of Finca Viladellops consists of 500 hectares in the middle of the Massif, Mediterranean forest land, also growing grain, and with 60 hectares of vineyards registered as belonging to the DO Penedès. A significant number of vestiges of the area’s traditional agriculture remain on the estate, such as dry stone huts (a total of 25 buildings), stone borders, and wells dug into the stone, things that show the estate’s important agricultural tradition since time out of mind.

On the estate, located 250 metres above sea level, with very poor soil with a clay-lime texture, with a high percentage of active lime, there are a number of sediments and sea fossils, an unequivocal sign that it once formed a part of the ocean floor.

Due to the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea (10 km), during the months of August and September, there is a morning humidity that benefits the vineyard by providing moisture, lengthening the ripening time of the grapes and achieving optimal polyphenolic ripeness. This natural rehydration requires a very orderly, clean manner of wine-making in order to avoid rotting.

Finca Viladellops has preserved its land, architecture, and surroundings for many years. Following the owner’s philosophy, the entire vineyard has been registered with the Catalan Council of Organic Agrarian Production (the CCPAE), so the wines are officially certified as organic wines.

Following the vineyard’s tradition and roots, the project of Finca Viladellops defines itself as 100% Mediterranean and indigenous, preserving and protecting the area’s traditional varieties: Xarel·lo for white wines, and Garnatxa for red ones.

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