Edetària are a multi-award winning producer of authentic wines, showcasing the best from Catalonia's Terra Alta.


Joan Àngel Lliberia, Edetària’s heart and soul, started Edetària’s adventure after studying Agricultural Engineering studies in Lleida and taking a Master of Science in Wine Management at OIV (Office International de la Vigne et du vin); his first wine management professional steps took place in several wine companies in France; then he moved back to Catalunya, where he continued his career in the wine sector and later on multinational corporations.

It was his childhood lived amongst a universe of vineyards, grapes, cellars and his passion for wine what called him back to his origins to set up Edetària. A dream come true, a homage to his grandfather Llorens -oenologist- and his parents Pepita and Angel -viticulturers-, making true terroir wines out of his family vineyards in a genuine style.

Edetària is named after “Via Edetana”, a former via romana that stretched between Torotosa and Zaragoza. In doing so, he aims to pay homage to the Mediterranean culture he belongs to, where wine has always been at its core. Edetans already lived in Terra Alta before Romanization, and left archaeological remains such as Coll del Moro, the oldest winemaking site in Catalunya.

Edetària’s team is key to the winery’s success. They all enjoy everydays work and are truly passionate to offer the best of themselves and the beauty of the vineyards, keeping in mind that it this magic what everyone is after when popping up one Edetària bottle. Winemaking is undertaken under Juan Àngel’s careful eye by experienced winemaker, Luis Otero in their modern winery with stunning views of the mountains of Els Ports.

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