Celler Serra Major

Celler Serra Major are a tiny producer in the hills of the Serra de Montsant producing natural "Vinos de Garaje".

Celler Serra Major

Celler Serra Major is one-man-band, with owner Santi Vinyes doing all the work himself in the vineyard and in the celler. His vineyards are deliberately planted on red schist and at high altitude, up to 800m, for longer hang-time and better acidity. The winery is a genuine “Vino de Garaje”. No chemicals are used at all, except some SO2 prior to bottling.

Santi makes essentially one wine a year – a blend of all his grapes. A portion he bottles immediately and this is sold as a fresh, fruity wine named after the local tawny owls – Gamarus. A portion he puts in to barrels. This wine is progressively released over the next couple of years, with the venerable Sarroges being the oldest from the vintage.

As Santi uses essentially natural wine making techniques, his wines offer great interest, as as they age they get a little funkier and display some enhanced levels of volatile acidity in the mix.

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More information is available at https://www.domontsant.com/celler/celler-serra-major/